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Rhodes-Haverty Building, Atlanta, Georgia

  Athos Menaboni originally rendered the murals uncovered and restored in the Rhodes-Haverty building of Atlanta, Georgia in casein paints.  Installation of a drop ceiling kept the artistís work hidden from the public for many years and had damaged both finishes and plaster substrate.  Use of the space between false and true ceilings as a return air plenum resulted in an unusually thick deposit of urban grime.

            The treatment area of approximately 10 feet wide by 30 feet long was first assessed by Mr. Tillander.  Information gained from the artist was used to determine the appropriate cleaning and finish consolidation methods.  Once free of contaminants and unsalvageable paint chips, areas of missing substrate were replaced with a standard gypsum based plaster.

            Regions of representative pigment were chosen and used as references for color matching the new casein inpaint mixes.  Consultation with the owner provided direction for the balance of restoration and recreation achieved.  The entire surface was coated with a clear acrylic after all other work was complete.

 Mr. Menaboni was contacted by the owner early in the project when his signature was found on the work.   Input from this primary source related to original materials was particularly valuable.  While it is unusual to find an artist or craftsman involved with the construction of a building that is undergoing restoration, diligent research will often produce other primary source documentation.    To view the finished work click on the thumbnail below.

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