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There are two basic classes of plaster work, flat and ornamental. Our craftsmen can provide restoration, repair and fabrication services for both types. We are experienced in all phases of plastering projects, from condition evaluation and documentation to pricing and execution. We can determine the soundness of the plaster base and, if necessary, reproduce any damaged or missing decorative elements. 

Flat plaster consists primarily of walls and ceilings, usually applied over wood lath, metal mesh, "blue board" or unit masonry such as brick or terra cotta tile. These layers can be smooth, textured or struck to imitate other materials such as stone. Flat plaster is often the base or ground to which ornamental plaster is applied.  Also click here to read about lime plasters.                                                     

Ornamental plaster includes moldings, columns, capitols, and many other decorative elements. Some of our suppliers are still producing the patterns they sold in the early 20th century, virtually any item can be created in our shop. To see some examples of ornamental plaster, click on the plaster sphinx. To learn more about how ornamental plaster is made click here.

For  information on one of our recent plaster projects click on the thumbnail.  

Below is some general information about plaster.

Commonly used types of Plaster


Lime plaster ( used until early 20th century)
Gypsum plaster ( all modern plasters)
Gauging plaster and lime
Molding plaster or plaster of Paris


Materials used in the making of ornamental plaster.


Plaster of Paris or molding plaster
Hydrated lime alone or in combination molding plaster. 


Plaster is commonly reinforced with one or more of the following:


horse or cow hair
cotton string
wire (should be rust proof)


Materials used in mold making.


clay or plasticene
small brushes
mold compounds (silicone rubbers or catalyzed polyurethanes)
plaster (molding or plaster of paris)
drill motor with mixing paddle


Please let us help you with your plaster needs.



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