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Sometimes referred to as Builders Hardware, these are the fittings applied to architectural elements that provide for their function or attachment.  Openings such as windows and doors are frequently the sites of greatest concentration of hardware.  The materials used for their creation are usually durable alloys such as brass, bronze or steel and their rendering ranges from the utilitarian hinge  to the fanciful escutcheon plate .   Much of the hardware produced prior to World War 2 can be rebuilt and returned to service in the original context.


The architects and hardware consultants involved in a building project, new or old, coordinate components to reflect security needs, building codes, aesthetics and type of use. Changing one part of the assembly without considering the rest can compromise function or overstress another part. The rather unassuming hinge shown can say quite a bit to the experienced listener, replacement with an ill-considered substitute will certainly damage its surroundings.

  The late 1980ís saw the start of a resurgence of interest in the decorative arts and design from earlier times.  As the values of examples of this period have increased, professionals and end-users alike have recognized the importance of maintaining them in their original surroundings.   Retaining original hardware will often prove to be cost effective as well, eliminating the need to patch or mend fixtures to accommodate something new.  And, letís face it, if youíve read this far, you like the good, old stuff anyway.

  We are fortunate to maintain excellent sources for the documentation of original hardware and its function.  This is the information we use to implement repair, search for original replacements or specify appropriate substitutes.  Our accumulated field experience also allows us to identify damage that may have been caused by poorly executed renovation or unfortunate original design.

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