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First Church of Christ Scientist - Atlanta, Ga.

We did the restoration of the main entry doors for this 1913 structure. One pair of doors ( each 14' tall) at a time, were removed and carried to our shop. Once the doors were set up on custom built supports the hardware was removed and the old varnish stripped away.  The hardware was stripped and cleaned and polished after which it was overcoated with bronzing powder in lacquer. The lock mechanisms were disassembled and returned to working order. After the doors were stripped damaged oak  veneer or door skin (typically 1/4" thick ) was replaced. Moldings were reattached, tinted grain filler applied and cracks filled. Two coats of tung oil varnish were applied and lastly the restored hardware was install just before the door were rehung. Due to  weight and size it required six men to  remove and rehang each door.

Doors before restoration. Even though the door hardware appears to be unusually low it is in fact at normal height .                 Here are a pair of doors after restoration.


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