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We work with the tools of documentation, too.  Observation of initial conditions, materials considered for use and proposed methods of remediation should be recorded to provide adequate direction for and history of the project.   Our approach includes site surveys, digital imaging and ties of the information to available drawings of the building.

            Gathering this data might, at first, seem like a treatment reserved only for large-scale government projects.  Its value in providing foundation for the scope of work of project phases, specifying the direction of work and measuring the progress of work is appropriate for any effort.   Long hidden elements of a building or its history will often come to light whose merits will lead to new avenues of funding or community support.

            We are familiar with the organization and arrangement of architectural documents so that they will be useful to you and those who follow.  Our training in archival description and preservation can be applied to ensure that this ‘snapshot’ of your project will survive well into the future.

            Please consider taking this first step with us to get your program off to a good start.



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